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Replace Garden Pesticides and Protect Your Veggies

One huge advantage of growing your own veggies at home is that you can control the chemicals applied to them and deter the bugs that invariably try to eat them before you do.

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Planting Companions for your Tomatoes

There’s a classic book called Carrots love Tomatoes that was written by a North American woman, Louise Riotte, nearly four decades ago.

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How to Attract Predator Insects to Control Nasty Pests

One of the most popular reasons people grow their own vegetables is to control what chemicals go onto them. Luckily nature has developed its own very effective system for controlling pests.

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The Origins of Biodynamic Gardening

While the history of companion planting worldwide does not appear to well-documented in a format that ordinary gardeners can access, there are snippets of information,

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