Best gardening books

The following gardening related products are ones we’ve produced or highly recommend (Scroll down to see full details).

How to Grow Tomatoes

How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes Book Set – Best Seller in 85 countries

Everything you will ever need to know about growing the best tomatoes ever. The scientific secrets of the professionals now available to home growers. Includes 6 Free Bonus books valued at $128.35, including recipe book and CD database of 1300 varieties.

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Grow Potatoes

How to Grow Great Potatoes – Superb Quality

A beautifully illustrated 105 page bible on everything you will ever need to know about growing potatoes. Includes a free book on growing Jerusalem artichokes and a free potato recipe book.

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companion planting guide

Companion Planting for Veggies – Every Gardener Needs This!

Another book by Annette Welsford. By paying attention to the plants that do well together, as well as those that don’t like one another, you will find that you are able to grow a much wider variety of plants in your veggie patch.You will also find that it is a lot easier to control pests and produce disease-free crops.

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Colloidal Humus

Secrets of The World’s Best Compost – Revolutionary

Colloidal Humus is a wonderful natural plant food will revolutionize the way you feed your plants, and you can easily make it yourself at home. Your soil will be so friable you can dig it with your bare hands.

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Hydroponics – The Future of Gardening

There are many types of hydroponic systems available for home and commercial use, which is why it’s important to have a good understanding of the pros and cons of all of them, otherwise you could waste money on something too complicated or not suitable for your needs.

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Beautiful Lawns Done Safely – Very Popular

Eliminate pests and fertilize your lawn safely to make sure you don’t end up with harmful insecticides tainting your tomatoes, vegetables and flowers. Professional Gardener John Perez spent 50 years perfecting his safe recipes.

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worm farming

Make Money from Your Worm Farm – Great Ideas

7 World Leading Worm Farm Experts share all their secrets of choosing the right worm farm system, creating products, finding customers, and more. You could be making a nice side income from a great hobby.

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super foods

How to Grow Super Foods – See Your Energy Levels Leap

Friends of mine – leading Commercial Growers and suppliers to Australia’s largest reseller of plants reveal how to turn a few cents worth of seeds into a bumper crop of healthy Super Food for you and your family in your own backyard.

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Gorgeous Gardening Equipment for Australian Gardeners

A huge range of inspiring high quality gardening products for Australian gardeners. You’ll not find these anywhere else.

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